Fire Station Staffing

The Bellevue Fire Department has nine fire stations staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The daily minimum staffing level of fire suppression personnel on duty is 48. All fire suppression personnel are also Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). In addition there are 8 Firefighter/Paramedics (EMT-P) on duty.

Seven of our Fire Stations staff a three person engine company. These engine companies are staffed with a company officer (captain or lieutenant), engineer (driver/operator) and firefighter. These companies respond to all fire or emergency medical incidents within their assigned response area. A typical engine company carries hose, water, breathing apparatus and other specialized firefighting equipment as well as a full complement of medical equipment, including a defibrillator.

Two of our fire stations staff what is referred to in the industry as a light force company. This consists of a 100’ tillered aerial ladder and an engine pumper that work and respond together at all times. Staffing of the light force includes a company officer (captain or lieutenant), a aerial operator (ladder driver), an engineer (driver/operator) and two firefighters for a total of five personnel. They can function as either an engine company or ladder company at a fire. They also carry a full compliment of emergency medical equipment and are our rescue specialists.

Fire Crew and Chiefs in front of an engine
The Bellevue Fire Department also staffs three aid units (BLS transport vehicles) in which two firefighter/EMTs are assigned. They are located at our busier stations and support the entire department by providing patient transport and additional firefighting personnel when needed.

Four full-time medic units are also staffed on a daily basis, each with two firefighter/paramedics. These units respond with engine, light force or aid units to serious incidents, such as those involving cardiac issues or trauma. These units provide advanced lifesaving care in the field, to include the administration of medication, intubation and advanced cardiac monitoring. Two medic units are housed within the city limits, Medic 1 at Overlake Hospital and Medic 2 at Fire Station 2. Two Bellevue medic units also cover the more rural Eastern King County, Medic is 3 housed in North Bend, and Medic 14 is located in Issaquah. Our Firefighter/Paramedics are also utilized at fire scenes on a regular basis.

The firefighter/paramedics are overseen by the on-duty Medical Service Officer (MSO), a captain or lieutenant that provides administrative oversight. The MSO also has the responsibility to respond to emergencies to assist at fire or emergency medical scenes as needed.

Overseeing daily operations is the battalion chief. They are the highest ranking member on duty and have responsibility for overseeing both the administrative and emergency operations for our suppression staff during each 24 hour period. They provide leadership for the company officers working at all nine fire stations, and provide command and control at all major emergencies where multiple units are involved (structure fires, rescues or hazardous materials events). The battalion chief and assigned staff assistant (chief's aide) are responsible for the safety of both our community and our personnel at any major incident.

All firefighters are cross-trained to provide many services and are required to maintain EMT certification. All of our firefighters serve in multiple functions:

  • Fire & emergency medical services
  • Rescue
  • Hazardous materials response
  • Non-emergency service calls
  • Continual training in both medical and firefighting skills
  • Apparatus and equipment maintenance
  • CPR Instruction
  • Fire & life safety occupancy inspections
  • Pre-fire planning for commercial & multi-residential occupancies
  • Blood pressure screenings


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