Power Outages

Power has become a staple of everyday human life and its absence and be harrowing and immediately noticeable. Essential functions like heat, light, communication and cooking are all reliant on power and if it is out for a significant amount of time, ordinary life can be greatly impaired. With Bellevue being particularly susceptible to windstorms and the resultant falling trees, power outages are always a relatively common possibility.

Puget Sound Energy provides energy to the majority of who live in Bellevue with its headquarters based in the city. Many power issues can be resolved in a few hours or a day at the most, but the more significant power outage events can last up to a week or even more. Long term power outages can lead to food, and heat issues as well as more long term economic consequences with businesses or school unable to operate for weeks at a time.

The main way to endure an extensive power outage is to have a comprehensive emergency preparedness kit

Power Outage Map

Puget Sound Energy provides an interactive power outage map and information on power outages around the region.


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