Snow & Ice

Bellevue enjoys mostly mild temperatures with weather regulation from the Pacific Ocean, but it isn’t too uncommon for Bellevue to experience cold spells or snow accumulation. Most snow storms in Bellevue occur when cold air comes in from the interior of the continent and a low pressure system bringing clouds and precipitation from the ocean meet. Long cold spells are usually caused by cold air from the interior coming through the Cascades without the Pacific Ocean additionally pushing in a low pressure system with clouds.

The main consequence affiliated with significant snow storms is transportation difficulties. Snow covered roads can be extremely difficult to drive on and Bellevue is not fully equipped with plows and trucks to quickly and fully clear roads due to the relatively sporadic frequency of snowstorms in the Bellevue area. Cold spells can lead to a lot of ice which can also negatively impact transportation. Additionally, ice storms can damage trees which can lead to long power outages throughout the Pacific Northwest.

If Bellevue does experience a long term cold spell, ice storm, or significant snow accumulation, the best way to stay safe is to seek shelter and have supplies ready to list for 7-10 days. Significant snow or cold often make transportation impossible or cause long term power outages. Emergency supplies that provide food, water, medication and warmth will allow you to stay safe and comfortable until the snow melts and you can leave your home for more supplies or until the power is back and heat is returned.


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