Community Emergency Response Team

The Community Emergency Response Team is a federal program that educates people about disaster preparedness and basic response skills. Bellevue’s CERT program is designed to empower residents who live or work in Bellevue to be better prepared for unexpected emergencies.

The CERT course incorporates disaster preparedness, fire and safety utility controls, disaster medical operations, light search and rescue operations, organization, disaster psychology, and terrorism.

Basic training offers the opportunity to participate in a disaster simulation and to be registered as a city emergency worker.

Why is CERT Needed?

In a disaster, Bellevue’s police officers and firefighters will be flooded with requests for help, and it may take some time for them to reach your neighborhood. CERT training aims to provide residents with skills to assist their communities during disasters, when police or firefighters are unavailable.

CERT Fire Safety Lesson

Additionally, CERTs can distribute preparedness materials and lead preparedness demonstrations, ensuring community members have up-to-date information about local hazards and know about the Map Your Neighborhood program.

Bellevue's CERT Offerings

We are now accepting applications for the upcoming CERT course this Fall. Classes will be held every Monday and Wednesday evening (6 pm - 9 pm) from September 24th - October 17th. The final drill will be held on October 20th, from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm.

You can apply for a spot in the course by downloading the application, completing it and sending it to


Want to learn CERT skills but can't spare eight weeks or a weekend? Our three-hour CERT Lite program might be just right for you! In this station-style training, residents learn critical, life-saving skills including personal preparedness, light disaster medical, fire safety and light search and rescue concepts, as well as receiving a brief introduction to the Map Your Neighborhood program.

You can register through Eventbrite.

  • Aug. 25 - West Lake Sammamish
  • Sept. 15 - Eastgate/Factoria
  • Oct. 13 - Somerset/Cougar Mountain/Lakemont
  • Nov. 3 - Newport and open


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