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A key component of the city's response capabilities is the provision of adequate facilities to serve a growing community with equitable service to all areas of the city, and to ensure that the fire stations are functional in case of a major disaster. The city originally approached its fire station location and configuration systematically through a strategic plan developed in the late 1970s. At the time of the original 1979 Strategic Plan, the population for the city was 79,903 with the location of major growth areas and population oriented east to west. Since that time the population has grown to 139,400 (150,000+ including the department’s contract cities of Beau Arts, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Medina, Newcastle and Yarrow Point), and the orientation of the city changed to north/south.

In light of these changes, the city initiated an evaluation of station locations to review current and projected changes in development and population, as well as an assessment of the adequacy and stability of all fire facilities. This work was performed by Schreiber Starling & Lane Architects and presented to the City Council in 2014. Schreiber’s Fire Facility Master Plan identified several capital funding needs that address the change in orientation, population and employment growth in downtown, as well as health and life safety issues.

As part of the 2015-2016 biennium budget development process, the top three projects included in the plan received partial funding in the 2015-2021 CIP. In the fall of 2017 a voter-approved levy was passed, allowing for 12.5 cent per $1,000 of assessed value over 20 years for fire facilities that will include construction of Station 10 (downtown fire station), seismic upgrades to all stations, rebuild of stations 6 and 4, and department warehouse needs.


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