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Bellevue City Hall
450 110th Ave. NE


Bellevue Fire Station Map

Station 1

766 Bellevue Way SE

Bellevue's Downtown/Enatai Neighborhood Fire Station is home to Engine Co. 1, Aid 1, and Battalion 1 - the on duty battalion chief and staff assistant.  A staff of seven serve the busy downtown core.  Station 1 is also home to the rescue boat and this facility was built in 1975.  This location previously housed Fire Administration. As more resources were needed for a growing department, Fire Administration moved to its current location at Bellevue City Hall.

Station 2

2802  148th Ave. SE

The Eastgate/Lake Hills/W. Lake Sammamish area is served by Station 2, the home of Engine Co. 2, Aid 2, Medic 2, and the on duty paramedic supervisor MSO 5.  The station was built in 2002 and replaced the former station at the same location. The former station was originally built in 1955 and is known for its fast access to Interstate 90.

Station 3

16100 NE Eighth St.

The busy Crossroads and Northeast Bellevue community area is served by Station 3 home to Light Force 3 (LF3), and Aid 3. The Light Force concept was brought to Bellevue Fire by Fire Chief Peter Lucarelli (1990-2004) who previously worked for the City of Los Angeles Fire Department as an Assistant Chief. LF3 is comprised of Ladder Co. 3 paired with a fire engine, also known as Pump 3.  The station was built in 1983 and has seen many changes over the years. In a previous lifetime, the upper story of the station was staffed with an engine and an aid car and the lower floor used as fire dispatch. Fire dispatch has since moved to Bellevue City Hall and the downstairs has been converted to house supplies for the department. This station is the home of the fire pole from the original Station 1, although it is no longer in service. Fire Station 3 is also home to Rescue 3, which is dispatched to any known rescue call.

Station 4

4216 Factoria Blvd. SE

The busy retail area of Factoria/Somerset is served by Fire Station 4 home to Engine Co. 4. This location has housed a three person crew since 1965 and had its origins with King County Fire District 14.  The station closed its doors in 1969, but after being closed for over a decade, the station reopened in 1980 with full time paid staffing. In 2014, the area was annexed to the City of Bellevue.  A remodel occurred in 1997 to help update the station for modern demands.

Station 5

9621 NE 24th St.

Fire Station Five serves Northwest Bellevue, the cities of Clyde Hill, Medina, Hunt's Point, and Yarrow Point. This station is staffed with a three person engine company, Station 5 is the oldest and smallest of the Bellevue fire stations and planned to be rebuilt.  Previously Station 5 was shared by the Clyde Hill Fire Department and Police. Long since converted to only a fire station, it is known for its unique layout. The station has an apparatus bay in the middle with a wing on either side of the station.

Station 6

1850 132nd Ave. NE

Bellevue's Bel-Red corridor and the Bridle Trails neighborhood is served by Bellevue Fire Station 6 located in the Spring District and home to Engine Co. 6, Aid 6, and the Eastside Hazardous Materials unit. Station 6 is staffed with three firefighters that operate with a single engine company and is the busiest engine company in the city. There is a minimum of one Hazardous Materials Technician assigned to this station at all times. The Hazardous Materials apparatus has equipment to deal with anything from hazardous spills to a mass casualty incident.

Station 7

11900 SE Eighth St.

The Wilburton/Woodridge area is served by Station 7 home to Engine 7 and Ladder 1.  The current assignment for Station 7 is Light Force 7. This was the home to the first Light Force company in the city in 1994. This station was built in 1985 for its close proximity to major roadways and the downtown corridor. This station is staffed by five firefighters and holds an SCBA filling station.

Station 8

5701 Lakemont Blvd. SE

The Eastgate/Cougar Mountain/Lakemont area is served by Station 8, home to Engine 8. Constructed in 1995 Station 8 is situated near Tiger Mountain ready to assist with trail rescues. The location of this station is unique to Bellevue. The high elevation often makes it the only station affected by snowfall. Extra precautions are taken during the winter months to ensure success when responding to emergencies. This station is also home to the uniform coordinator as well as SCBA technicians. and houses Air Unit 1 as well as a small 4x4 off-road utility vehicle.

Station 9

12412 Newcastle Way

Bellevue's Newport Hills neighborhood as well as the City of Newcastle is protected by Engine Co. 9.  This was once Renton Fire Station 17. Station 9 is home to Engine 9 and Aid 9. The station houses a Small Equipment Technician that services anything from nozzles to saws. This is one of the fastest growing areas of greater Bellevue. Originally built in 1975, Station 9 underwent a remodel in 1987. The Mobile Command Unit is housed at this station as well. This is a joint venture with the Bellevue Police Department and has been placed into use after major fires.

Station 10


The future home of Bellevue Fire Station 10 will be on the West side of 112th Ave NE and NE 12th Street, north of McCormick Park. The Fire Facilities Master Plan completed in 2014 included a recommendation to build a new fire station. When it is built and operational, Fire Station 10 will improve response times for fire and medical emergencies in the Northwest Bellevue, Downtown, and Bel-Red areas.  The new station is especially important for Downtown high rise structures that include “vertical response time” to reach a fire or medical emergency in the upper floors.  Construction of this new fire station will enable the Fire Department to continue to provide the appropriate level of service for a population that has greatly increased, as well as strengthen the network of services provided to the entire City. Proposed construction will take place in 2019-2020 with an occupancy date of 2021.


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