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In recent years, a number of fire agencies throughout the country have established community outreach and assistance programs often known by the acronym “CARES” (Citizen Advocates for Referral and Education Services). This internal referral service utilized by the Bellevue Fire and Police departments is a truly innovative way to reach residents in our community outside of the 911 emergency system. 

Both the Fire and Police Departments frequently respond to incidents where additional needs are identified but fall outside of their scope of responsibilities. For example, a fall patient who calls 911 frequently for help and would benefit from grab bars or alterations to their home to help prevent falls and provide for more independent living. A homeless person who needs a gateway to housing, substance abuse programs or job opportunities. Even the elderly woman who tries tenaciously to care for her ailing husband at home but is overwhelmed. These are just a few examples where fire or police can notify the CARES team for intervention.  CARES advocates meet with residents in their homes, identify their needs and connect them to community resources that will better meet those needs than a call to 911

Bellevue Fire CARES interns are at the heart of the program

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